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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beijing 2008: USA vs China Games

Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games are finally over but most people from around the world remain uncertain of the world’s biggest sporting event. The USA just hurdled a total of 110 medals, while the China got 100. The next rank grabbed almost half of the latter. Most media coverage worldwide are focused on how USA defeated China or how China won over USA. Are the Olympic games designed for USA and China alone?

Four years from now, another Olympic games will invade London. That’s four years from now but massive questions as to how it will look like start pouring in.

Will the London 2012 be parallel to that of Beijing 2008? What about the striving Russia, Great Britain and Australia which rank next after the two?

Will there be “London 2012 USA vs Russia? China vs Great Britain? Or, Australia defeats USA and China?

Does USA or China truly deserve a limelight?

If not, then, what?

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