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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Two minds create Cadiz port park

Port conversion attracts tourists, generates revenues, making Cadiz City a night life destination of the north.

            I am referring to the existing finger port situated in Villa Beach, Barangay Zone Ill. This port has been idle for years. But if we would take initiative as to convert it into something worthwhile, this would have been a multiplier effect for years.

            I had once a little dialogue with Victor Parina and he has suggested for renovation of the port into a “people’s park”. He hit the point for this would result a venue where Cadiznons can leisurely walk, play and embrace the breezy air as the sun beautifully rises and sets. Of course, the management and maintenance would fall into the hands of tourism office.

Jerry Artuyo, on the other hand, has carved up another bright idea for the port. He has advocated the port can help raise the City’s income. He has blueprinted it to become a night spot for everyone. He calls it “port front” where one can dine, drink and enjoy the nightly acoustic.  He has signified for tent or stall installation along the pathway. This would produce both an entertainment avenue and revenue.

A “people’s park”. A “port front”. These are the two port conversion tips for possible considerations. Though each concept differs from the other, perhaps they clash in some forms, the two can be literally linked up as one. Initially, we can label the plan tandem as “Cadiz City Port Park”. I personally coined the term from “people’s park” and “port front”.

The Cadiz City Port Park, if materialized, would be the first-ever in Negros and in the country. The “Park” can house bars, restaurants and music rooms; and set up benches, diving boards, swimming rinks and fun planks. Its unique, long-narrowed and elegant complex and location can surely invite more investors and patrons.

Aside from employment and income generation, the “Park” can illuminate the once shadowy port, as well as the coastal areas of Zone lll to lV. The “Park” can paint the City more colors. And it can fashion a more vibrant night life. This would indisputably transform Cadiz City into a night life destination.

The question is: How can this proposal probably come into reality? Do we have sufficient budget for the lucrative project? I understand that this park construction no doubt costs much.

The answer is: Let the investors build and operate./*

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