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Friday, September 19, 2008

Pinoys enjoy unlimited txt

Cn we be txtmate?" is the starting phrase of word.

"How did u get my number?" is the inquiry that follows.

"Ur name please? " is statement that has become a cliche.

Now, the unending exchanging of text messages occupies the students' day-to-day routine. From early in the morning up to the sunset till midnight, students appear oblivious of the realities. They have become the modern barbarians who feel no pain of life's struggle. They have become extremely numb.

"Nang, 60 smart e-load please", one declares upon approaches to the loading station. Then, she types TXT and sends to 258. Now, she can send unlimited text messages to "sawa". And her life becomes as colorful and as enjoyable as she is.

She texts as there is no tomorrow. She seldom takes "merienda". She sometimes fails to study her lessons. She one time skips classes. She always carries the cp with her, and looks down on it: "may message ko!" Virtually, she gains friends; she even earns enemies.

"Pasalod bi? Ubos na ang load ko." Now, the story repeats itself. And her life runs a complicated story.

"Happy ka ba?"

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  1. i was appreciate it, but you only focus one network company. . how about globe, TM etc..


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