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Friday, September 19, 2008

A truly strange party ever

Would it be highly possible for us all to hold an all-night-long party with among friendster loyalists? I mean, for us all 16 friendster advocates? It’s heavily a strange idea that invades my mind. But we can not certainly discount any possibility. So long each advocate seems fascinated of the initiative, nothing is impossible.

However, alarming problem rises. What if a member resides somewhere in the south? Or, in the north? Let’s say Dustin who lives and studies in Ilocos Norte. Almer works in Manila and sometimes in Cebu. And Enrico who migrated in the U.S., so is Josh in Italy. The rest are in Bacolod.

Time also shares the doom, not even to mention the trouble of monetary aspect. Does Dustin have enough time for the proposal? What about Enrico and Josh? Do they just buy the idea and step down the plane for such bash? Heck, only they who know the answer.

That’s adventure. Cool adventure. Great adventure. Should we share the same interest, the same hallucination, that truly strange party ever will come into reality.

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