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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Travelling around the world is as easy as ABC

It took so easy and I spent less to travel the beautiful places around the world. Only this summer, I visited the night-loving people of Paris. I explored their amazing bars. I went to Rome, enjoying to the brim their world-famous architecture. Venice is so pretty to stay longer with someone whom you love so much. The place is romantic, ideal for lovers. But I never had a chance to peek in the world's tiny city-state of Vatican. It has been my dream to land on the Pope's home but time won't permit me. The next day, I proceeded to Denmark, the world's corruption-free country in the West. I just stayed there in a wee hours for some reasons though I virtually frolicked with every moment I spent in there. I skipped Paris. Instead, I journeyed to the historic city of Warsaw. I spent a little longer moments and I truly love the place. It's cool. (To be continued)

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